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E-commerce stores

The online store is a platform that contains products that the customer enters and chooses number of products, then those products are added to the shopping cart and then turns to the payment page.

We provide our clients with everything they need to have effective e-commerce or product solution for their business. We offer full-stack, front-end and back-end development, custom WordPress development, accompanied by sophisticated design services.

In our role, at Metagate

We program and design electronic stores in a professional and simple manner that makes it easier for the customer to purchase and pay within the online store.

The store comes with several advantages such as:

  • Domain Name Reservation.

  • Hosting reservation (server)

  • We provide a control panel through which the owner of the online store can add, modify and delete products in all sections of the store.

  • We offer online stores in both Arabic and English.

  • Professional designs that the customer can see before creating the store.

  • Site compatibility that works on mobile devices, laptops and all web browsers.

  • Free maintenance and technical support warranty for five years.

  • Connect the store with delivery companies.

  • The possibility of issuing invoices and reports through the store.

  • Linking the store to social media accounts.

  • Connect the store to the company's contact numbers and e-mails


We help and build professional business plans

We design and develop brands to help our clients grow creatively and transform their digital presence to align with modern trends.

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