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The success or failure of any business, company, or online store is fundamentally linked to the marketing of this project, as electronic marketing in our current era is considered the backbone of any existing company or commercial activity...
At MetaJet, we provide electronic marketing services in all its forms as follows:

Marketing via Google Ads:

Its working mechanism is as follows:

When someone searches for a specific service or product on the Google search engine, we are shown several results, where most of the time the first 4 results are ads, and these are ads through Google.

Google Advertising is a very effective method where the customer who wants to get the service or buy the product has searched for it on Google.

One of the most important features of Google Ads is that we pay Google only when someone clicks on the ad and not on the impression of the ad itself, which ensures that the ad campaign budget is spent 100% correctly without any randomness, and we also ensure that the ads reach only the people who are interested in them and not For everyone in general.

An overview of the results of our advertising campaigns

Marketing via social media platforms:

Marketing through social media platforms is very important for the product sector, as we carry out advertising campaigns that increase the number of followers on the pages, which increases the number of sales and helps reach the largest possible number of people.

Especially if we have a new product that didn't exist before.

Therefore, we market it through social media platforms, the most important of which are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Snapchat.

Our Role At MetaGate, we help you develop a thoughtful marketing plan based on your business goals.

Through it, we determine which platforms to advertise based on our extensive experience in this field, and we guarantee that you will spend your budget thoughtfully and effectively without waste.